When a movie ends, and the urge to want more occurs, it means the movie was good. But a very rare thought that might pop up in your mind is how would the movie end if you had directed a version of it. What if the movie had completely different endings, and the best version is shown to you?

Well, you must be curious to know what the different endings are. Sometimes the movie endings shown are very disappointing, and you wished that the end was completely different. This thought bought us all to this article.

So let us explore some famous movies whose alternate film version could have been better or worse if they had continued forward with those different endings.

There is a spoiler alert disclaimer here! Especially for those who haven’t seen the seven movies below. So please read at your own risk!

Which famous movies could have had completely different endings?

These are the shocking alternate endings of 7 movies that you did not know could have different endings.

  • I am Legend

This Will Smith starrer shows the last human’s survival after a dangerous plague breaks out in New York City. The virus makes people mutate and turn into creatures of some kind. The lead actor tries to find a cure and the film ends with him sacrificing his life for the others.

The different endings of the film were rejected. The makers particularly feel that the alternate one was logical enough. That completely different ending had the main actor finding out that the mutants shared some traits and are not as bad as they seem. This made the lead actor not that great, and the test audience refused the alternate end.

  • And Mrs. Smith

This action film starring the famous couple ‘Brangelina’ could have had different endings. Can you believe it?

The film ends with the Smiths talking to the psychiatrist about their marriage and relationship. But there was an alternate ending to this 2005 romantic action film.

The other version ended with the Smiths having an adorable daughter. Well, she is the daughter of two assassins with sharpshooting skills. It also shows how she has inherited those wonderful sharp skills.

  • Se7en

The David Fincher movie had more than five different endings. But the theatrical release showed us the chosen one.

The movie released in theatres ends with Doe delivering a box to Mills, which contains his wife’s head. This horrific scene was memorable but not that impressive.

Many alternate endings were there, including Mills trying to save Tracy and a cliché ending. One end had Mills killing Doe, thus completing his seven sins and becoming wrath.

  • Blade Runner

The Blade Runner ended with the lead actors leaving quietly without any words. There was no background voice or narration in the theatrical version.

This sci-fi movie by Ridley Scott has had various endings, and these director’s versions were released over the years.

In the other version, the movie had a happy ending with Deckard assuring Rachael that she would not get destructed by herself in four years, like how the others did.

The film left with an open ending is interesting, but some viewers want the opposite of that.

  • Titanic

This movie is one of the most popular films in the history of Hollywood. With Leonardo DiCaprio dying at the end, many hearts were broken with that emotional scene. We all wished he did not die. But Rose cannot save Jack and lives with his memory, the necklace.

The movie ends with Rose throwing her special necklace in the waters as a tribute to her dead lover Jack.

But the alternate ending is rather weird and funny where Paxton tries to prevent Rose from throwing the necklace in the waters. It is not as impressive as the famous theory that Rose could have saved Jack since there was extra space on the plank. That could have been a better one!

  • Fatal Attraction

The plot revolves around Alex (Glenn Close) becoming obsessed with Dan (Michael Douglas), who is married to Beth. He had an affair with Alex earlier, but he did not love her anymore. But Alex was still in love with him, and it turned into a dangerous obsession.

The film ends with the Beth killing Alex with a revolver shot, and she did this to save her husband’s life. The ending of the movie was not supposed to be that way.

The different endings of movies like these are very interesting. Even this movie had a better ending, and Glenn Close had a fight with the makers about it. The alternate version included Glenn framing Dan for her murder and then committing suicide. According to fans, this could have made the ending better, and it is said that the screening in Japan had this alternate ending shown.

  • The Butterfly Effect

The directors of this film had a different take on the ending. The most depressing and shocking one was included in the director’s cut

, with different endings being discussed.

The film version released in theatres shows the lead character’s time-traveling when he suffers from severe headaches. These events cause changes in his current life, and the end sees him walking away from his love interest.

The depressing version seems completely different as it includes the lead character going back in time and killing himself in his mother’s womb.

Concluding the different endings theory

No one could have imagined these films to have an end that is so completely different. It is a feel-good factor when you know that the ending that was in the final product did not kill your favorite character. But when that character dies at the end of the different endings, then a complete opposite expression is felt.

The alternate film version might not always be bad; sometimes, even the makers wish they could have pleased the audience with the different endings they refused.

Many actors have argued with the makers for killing them the way they did not want. By the end of this article, surely some spoilers must have come in your way!

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