Netflix – the giant movie streaming platform has streamed many series and films for its viewers. All series and films are fictional or inspired by real events. In recent year, Netflix has streamed a story of the Philippines’ drug war, that drawn many critics attention towards it. The series is well focused on the real event of the drug war that prevailed in the Philippines. Some critics have supported the Netflix series portrait of the drug war. But a major portion of critics called this another political propaganda led by the Philippines government and the director.

All the scenes portrayed in the series made everybody shiver to their roots. A Filipino woman recounts her memory of that time and says that the memory is fresh in her conscience. Just after the premiere of this real event of drug war series, a lot of critics raised their voices against it. According to some sources, the critics’ outrage was so enormous that they demanded to cut it off from the Netflix platform.

Netflix and drug movies

Netflix is a renowned movie streaming platform that has all types of movies and series featured in it. The streaming platform has active viewers from all around the globe. But the streaming of the drug war of the Philippines has triggered debate among many people. However, the movie is not the first Filipino movie to get streamed on Netflix for the drug genre. Before the Philippines’ drug war series, movies like narcos, Mendoza, 57, etc. were streamed on the renowned platform. These movies are the story of unapologetic drug users and pushers.

The Philippines’ drug war revolves around a teenage boy who surreptitiously falls under the claws of the drug trade. The series proved to be controversial because of its elements and political persona. Some good directors from the Philippines said that the president Dutrete drug war is the necessary thing in the world. Many neighbouring countries will take a lesson from it. Despite its good resolution and other things, the series is known as controversial.

Criticisms of the Philippines’ drug war series

The series was inspired by a real drug war executed by the Philippines government in the country. The whole series is made to make everyone know about the drug war that has caused the death of many people. The critics are watching the amo series as the latest propaganda of the state. They say it defines the state’s monopoly of injustice.

The series has drawn much attention towards it since its streaming on Netflix. And from that time, the Filipino government has got no chill on this matter. Let us check out the major criticisms of the Philippines’ drug war series in the following section:

  1. Numerous people got killed in the drug suspicion process by the police.

Many critics have called these killings as most unlawful and unjust. They said that the government had made a homicide attempt on the whole nation of the Philippines. The numbers of people killed in the suspicion process are significant and cannot be undermined. Further, they add that it may be possible that some of the suspect drug dealers survive the homicide done by national police. But they end up their life behind bars. This is unjust with the fellow Filipino persons. The people who got arrested may be guilty also. The police movement has made it worse.

  1. The episodes in amo appear to have deliberate attempts to reinforce the narrative of the government.

After watching the whole series titled as amo, the critics point out the government’s deliberate attempts to reinforce its counter-narrative to all anti-drug campaigns. Many cases of abuse of human rights are also seen in the series where the government is found guilty. The critic recounts a scene and says that the policeman clears the name of the suspect when he admits he hasn’t done things. The critic further adds that the reality is far behind this. Police officers don’t leave them alone, but they brutally expose them to killings. The people end up being the victims of police killings.

  1. The scenes don’t resemble true events.

All scenes or episodes in amo series are not true in all senses.  The director has presented a clear picture of the Filipino government that has been concealed in the series. The critics pointed out those scenes and demanded clarification for them. In one scene, the policeman shows genuine concerns about the media and human rights. This is all untrue. On actual grounds, the Filipino policeman does not do anything like that. They instead abused the media and human rights as they were obstructing the government’s path of unlawful killings. Police have harassed many people out of the suspicion of drug dealers.

The counter back of director about the criticisms

The director of this infamous series amo, Mendoza, calls out all criticisms baseless. To prove it, he made other sequences where the Philippines government is shown as clean and busting all criticisms about it. Mendoza was called a propagandist after the premiere of his amo series on Netflix. But with the other sequences, he made himself out of the propagandist demeanor. However, the criticisms are still on. No matter how hard Mendoza does to erase them all.


With so much controversy around the drug war series, it has created a wave of outrage among all Filipino people. The outrage was so overwhelming that Netflix was told to put it down from its streaming platform. This whole series has shaken the world with its outrageous content revolving around unlawful suspect drug dealer killings.


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