Movies have been an integral part of people’s lives for a long time. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘entertainment is the action that provides enjoyment or amusement.’ Good cinema tends to move us, leaves us with a heavy rush of emotions, and enlightens us. And then, several movies leave a deep impact on the lives of people.

People don’t wish to always go to movie halls and watch movies. They prefer the comfort that they get at home and watch the movies they want to. There are times when people wish to watch some old movie that has already been released but have to wait for it to get premiered on television. Therefore, there are many free websites where one can find various movies of different genres that one can find at any time and for free.

One such website is onlinemoviesgold: this website allows downloading free Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telegu movies. It also has several TV shows available that one can download for free.

But online movies gold is an illegal website. It requires the use of a VPN for safer use. Using this website can be dangerous if seen for security purposes. Therefore, it is advised to use a legal website to watch movies and shows. There are several alternatives for onlinemoviesgold.

Top 5 movie portals to watch movies for free

Here are some free websites where you can find free movies and shows. These websites are good alternatives for movies online gold.

  1. Hotstar – this is one of the best online movie sites and has an option for registration. Though there are some services that they provide which are not free, you will still have access to a large number of Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies without any registration fee. While you have access to Hindi movies, you will also come across several different language movies like Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, English, and many other languages. Hotstar also provides different channels like Foxlife, National Geographic, and many other channels to watch TV shows. This site is the best alternative for onlinemoviesgold.
  2. YesMovies is one of the oldest movie platforms and is recognized to be one of the best sites to watch movies with fewer ads. This site makes registration-optional for the users. This site is known by many people and has n number of users. One major advantage of YesMovies is that when you are about to watch some movie, the ads open up in a new tab, and it becomes easier for you to close the tab and continue your streaming. It offers good legal quality content, unlike online movies gold.
  3. YuppTv – on this site, you can find many movies that you can stream for free. If you are willing to watch any Bollywood or Hollywood movie, YuppTv should be the one-stop solution. In extras, YuppTv also has 5000+ TV channels in different Indian languages. There are a few movies and shows you cannot stream as they have come under the premium services. Though you can stream many movies for free, the premium service adds the premium badge to it.
  4. HDFriday – this website too is known to be one of the best online websites to stream online movies for free. The advantage of this site is that you can stream this on your mobile phones too. Other than good Bollywood or Hollywood movies, you can find several South Indian movies, Punjabi movies that are dubbed in Hindi and English for the audience’s convenience. It gives you an option for quick navigation, which can help you explore videos on this website. This site is known to have the largest dubbed movies in Hindi and English with downloadable links. With that, this website is a very good alternative for
  5. YifyTV – yet another online movie streaming website where one can stream their preferred movie for free, this site has a collection of movies ranging from the 1900s – 2020. YifyTV gives an option of putting filters like years, genres, titles starting with, release date, etc., to make it easier for the users to find the movie they want to watch. They have a few ads that can be a hurdle, but it can be ignored for the good content they deliver. YifyTV is a good alternative for onlinemoviesgold and offers good content to the users.

These are just a few sites where you can watch your preferred movies for free and download them too. These sites are very safe to use and will not create any problem for you or your system. It is better to use a safe and legal site to stream movies on your laptop or PC. Movies online gold offers good content but is an illegal site and cause trouble to its users.


As we all know, movies are very important as they are entertainment in a person’s life. Movies leave a really deep impact on people and have the power to change people’s thinking. As there are so many people who do not want to give the subscription fee to any streaming platform, they tend to find something for free. The internet is filled with websites that are ready to offer free online movies to people.

One such website is onlinemoviesgold. Even though the website has n number of users, it offers good content but is a pirated website worldwide, offering content in black. This can be good for some time but can cause trouble as it is an illegal site. It can cause serious identity thefts, tapped activities, financial thefts, and many more such problems. To avoid this, it is better to look for good sites and have a decent rating by the users. This will help you understand which website is worth your time and which website will provide you with the right content. The sites shared above are very good and have a lot of content for you. If you are a complete movie freak and want to binge-watch movies all day, these sites will suit you the best and will give you a good replacement or an alternative for onlinemoviesgold.


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