The opportunity of streaming online movies that this generation has got is shaping the advancements and the entertainment sector’s future. Every two-person out of three is said to have either a paid or free streaming website in hand. And since you are here, most probably you too have it or looking for one.

Today, the flix cinema, popcorn, and expenses come to mind movie fanatics yearning for a fun hall experience. How did the evolution of entertainment and cinemas begin? That is a real question to wonder?

Dating back in time to the early 1930s was the first-ever set of Indonesia’s halls with Alhamra, located in the capital Jakarta. And believe it or not, Alhamra and its emotion can never be surpassed by any mainstream cinema halls, despite Alhamra roots are on the verge of extinction. The Alhamra era only had Alhambra as entertainment, whereas televisions and cassettes were barely a thing. Presently, what you have is innumerable options, from offline to Online movies and websites that can never run out.

The convenience has gotten better, but the 90s aren’t willing to complain about their hardship yet. Probably because they have memories stored in mind and just loved it that way. Though cinema movies still exist and people are bound to go and have their luxurious time there, cassettes aren’t much manufactured. And to replace them, the internet has created Websites to watch movies, available both free and paid.

Hunting for strategies that will enable you to redeem extra bucks while setting in motion with movie ambitions? Well, below given are the five best movie streaming websites in Indonesia that entertain you free of cost:


Watch Movies Online Free at Bioskopmantap
Login screen at Bioskopmantap website

Registered officially on the 18th of October, 2019, Bioskopmantap is one of the finest Websites to watch movies with its servers located in the US.

Bioskop Mantap website is scoring for customers who can stay on the site, willingly watch Online movies rather than downloading them. You will still have the option to download, but that will lack subtitles.

And talking about the subtitles, in brief, the site is not responsible for framing them. Rather, it is a collected source from the internet.

Bioskopmantap is the Indonesia movie website, so outsiders have to regulate a strong VPN for the best experience. Even the natives are recommended with the same to remove the chances of withstanding the flaws and threats.


  • Availability of search features helps cut down your hard time in uncovering your desired movies.
  • Videos and movies are of excellent quality, despite the site being free of cost destination.
  • The website is filled with the latest and oldest collections. Its versatility is on point.


  • Subtitles are not assured in every film. Some may be in the Indonesian language; others might be in English, or sometimes nothing.
  • You can share videos with friends and acquaintances via links (just how a typical website sharing works) isn’t quite possible here.

Bioskopmantap has knowingly ceased the feature.


Watch Movies Online Free on Bioskopmantap21
The great interface of the Bioskopmantap21 website makes the process of choosing the movie much comfortable

Bioskopmantap21 is another Indonesian free streaming movie online, dominantly residing on the skeptical side.

But once you leave all your doubts aside, you’ll be impressed by the collection of movies that this free website comprises. It is very, very impressive.

After visiting, your doubts are uncertain but confusions regarding which one to watch and which one to leave for last breaths.

Film streaming on the Bioskopmantap21 website has every possible genre and type, assuring that it’ll suit everyone.


  • Safety is the top priority, from parental control to appropriate evaluation for the young children.
  • Both old and latest movies from different countries are available. Some of the latest Online movies include The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion Special, Run, Superintelligence, Uncle Frank, and Superintelligence (2020).
  • Box office movies, too, are streamed sometimes for free. Choosing to stay comfortably at home and watch new movies without having a penny spent is easy with Bioskopmantap21!


  • Smartphones and Tablets might not be strong enough for Bioskopmantap21 as they aren’t very much compatible.
  • The smoothest experience is portrayed via VPN connectivity, and that can be a mess to some. Also, free VPNs are a thing no less than a headache. So, ready for that extra penny for a valuable VPN?
  • Downloading movies seems hard on Bioskopmantap21. The website also asks its users to enjoy their time in live streams rather than downloading the movies on the go.


Watch Movies Online Free on Cinemakerenxxi
The Cinemakerenxxi website. Another good option to watch moves for free

Cinemakerenxxi, the web movie network, is one of the most opted websites to watch movies that translates into ‘Cool Cinema 21’. Just as its name ‘cool,’ or ‘kernel,’ the website is very cool and fun with countless latest and old movies.

With that, the interface of the website also supports the entity. It is incredibly easy to use with simple menus for the lead, unlike other free film streaming online websites.


  • Only HD quality videos are uploaded in CinemaKerenXxi. The website has also clearly mentioned that it doesn’t take a chance with poor quality videos.
  • Indonesian subtitles are accurately standing in movies. With that, you’ll also find many popular Indonesian movies.
  • Indonesian movies are also occupied with movies from different countries, including Spanish and Indian, such as Sarkar 3 and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story.


  • It eats up a lot of data, which is why watching Online movies without unlimited data proves not to be a happy treaty.
  • The CinemaKerenXxi website is not effectively secured. You don’t know which threat is virtually on your back, preparing for a punch.


Watch Movies Online Free on Cinemaperak21 website
Big variety of the movies on Cinemaperak21 page

CinemaPerak21 is yet another streaming website of the Indonesia movie and many other countries that serve the customers with premium quality. At the same time, subscription prices do not hit the customers.

Indonesian dwellers who aren’t so adequate on budgets but thriving for movies can have their best by choosing Cinemaperak21. From thriller to Romance to mysteries, and from oldest to latest, you’ll find all available Online movies categorized wisely.


  • CinemaPerak21 happens to have a limitless quota.
  • Indonesian subtitles are certain, as the authorities thoroughly take care of it.
  • Sharing videos via links is easy on CinemaPerak21, with the sharing option being functional. In addition to that, the site also has the download link available.
  • Running CinemaPerak21 on your smartphone has no liability. It will work fine and smoothly.


  • For a good streaming movie online, it needs a strong and reliable internet speed.
  • The website isn’t wholly secured, so you got to be cautioned against hackers. Executing a VPN can solve this issue, although only paid VPNs may fit for a good experience.


Watch Movies Online Free at Garudaxxi internet service
Garudaxxi has a big collection of movies to watch on their site

GarudaXxi is a film streaming website that works as a great alternative to the typical cinema. And the movies available here are of top-notch quality. Also, quite contradictory to the conventional cinemas, GarudaXxi can be explored 24*7 from anywhere in Indonesia. The only thing you’ll need for Online movies in Garudaxxi is a valid data pack. Noticing the two above pictures closely will make you understand how clean the website is. Whether it is free or paid, it is indistinguishable. Perhaps, Indonesia’s free version of Netflix.


  • Box office movies are convenient in GarudaXxi that needs no extra cost.
  • User-friendly interface with the properly categorized genre. You don’t need to take pain while looking out for your desired genre.
  • Good movies from various countries, including a category of distinctive Indonesian movies.
  • Subtitles are available in the native Indonesian language.


  • A long list of movies leaves people confused.
  • Downloading may not be available at all times.
  • GarudaXxi, the website’s staff, doesn’t entertain its customers’ complaints and rip off with the explanation bragging itself as a ‘free website.’


Indonesians are known to be movie fanatics, and as such, the blooming number of websites to watch movies in the country will grow further.

If you are a movie freak, you have to find statements about why free streaming websites are better.

First things first, free of cost entertainment is what you get. It probably doesn’t even need a specific mention but cannot be missed either.

So raise yourself a question, which to choose- a paid Indonesia movie streamer or free ones, all while the experience, services, and standards are equivalent on each side.

Moreover, websites are way more convenient. You don’t need to undergo socializing (if that’s what you are not down with).

Also, how tiring it is to get dressed, specifically in the winters, isn’t it?

Other than that, your traveling charges to the hall are cut, popcorn prices along with the extra tax, and hall ticket is saved.

Even if you were a wealthy adult, suggestions from this site will still be ‘free’ streaming websites over driving to the flix cinema and Netflix subscription.


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