Filipinos have been known for their hospitality and the beautiful country they have preserved over the years.

The Philippines’ beauty does not just stop at sports enthusiasm, beautiful island pieces, and Manila’s population count! Yes, the film culture or cinema is prevalent in the country too.

Many great films of various categories like horror, comedy, romance, and historical dramas are made every year. But when Netflix came to the Philippines in 2016 with their one-month free trial offers, the movie buffs were pumped up.

With various international web series and movies with Netflix originals, gave all the Filipinos a chance to explore Netflix. Subsequently, many local Filipino movies partnered up with Netflix and released their films. Also, the already released Filipino movies were distributed on this streaming platform.

People got the chance to see local movies anytime and anywhere with Netflix. So know the Philippines’ rich culture by watching some of their best Local Filipino movies on Netflix.

Picking out the best local films from Netflix Philippines

  • Heneral Luna (2015)
    • This historical movie set in the 1890s is an action-packed film based on the life of General Antonio Luna. The film is about his life as a general during the Philippine-American war. He faced many struggles, and the biggest one was facing traitors in the form of his countrymen.
    • With critical reviews and ratings, the film was well-received. There is a realistic approach with the best cast. It was an achievement for the Filipino film industry.
    • The cast includes John Arcilla, Mon Confiado and Arron Villaflor among others.
    • Arcilla plays the brave and strong character of General Luna. The reason why general appears in the title is because of the Filipino language. A general or leader is referred to as a General in the Philippines.
    • The film has won many awards, including 10 Luna awards. It is quite popular among Filipino locals.

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  • Four Sisters and a wedding
    • This 2013 Comedy drama shows the love-hate relationship of four sisters who plan to stop their little brother from getting married. These siblings behave best when not together. Coming from different professional backgrounds, the sisters have their own stories to deal with.
    • As they go on this cute adventure, they unravel various secrets and revelations. The overall concept is heart-warming.
    • It has an amazing cast with playing the youngest sibling all set to get married. The four sisters are played by Bea Alonzo, Toni Gonzaga, Shaina Magdayao, and Angel Locsin.
    • The film is a combination of fun, romantic twists, and a sweet sibling relationship. This heart-warming comedy has been the go-to film for many Filipinos. So, what are you waiting for?
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  • Can’t help falling in love (2017)
    • This 2017 film belongs to the rom-com genre, that is, a romantic film and some comedy-drama.
    • The plot of the movie revolves around a weird love triangle. Imagine getting married to a total stranger, especially when you are already engaged to your boyfriend. Well, that’s what the film is about and the whole journey of the strangers trying to annul their marriage.
    • It is exciting and fun to watch Gab and Dos’s lead characters, played by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Matteo Guidicelli plays the role of Jason, Gab’s boyfriend.
    • The movie has been executed well and is quite popular among the Pinoys. With good ratings and positive feedback, it has received love and appreciation. Since it is available on Netflix, why don’t you watch Gab and Dos’s sweet journey?
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  • Kita Kita (2017)
  • A Filipina who resides in Japan has temporary blindness due to stress after seeing her boyfriend cheating on her. Fate brings her closer to a fellow Filipino who helps her overcome her emotional breakdown. This leads to them falling in love, and the movie shows their adorable love adventure.
  • The romantic movie made a lot of audience emotional as it gave out a strong message. Viewers could feel the unconditional love of the two lead characters played by Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi.
  • With positive feedback from the locals, the film is now available on Netflix. This 2017 romantic drama is widely recommended to Netflix enthusiasts.
  • The movie title means ‘I see you’ in English.
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  • Birdshot (2016)
    • Finally, there comes the crime thriller. This 2016 mystery filled Filipino drama takes unexpected turns and reveals a lot of secrets.
    • This movie was the Philippines ‘ official entry to the 2018 Oscars for the Best Foreign Language Film category. The young director of the film, Mikhail Red, gave the country a wonderful piece of art.
    • Mary Joy Apostol, Arnold Reyes, and John Arcilla have pivotal roles in the film.
    • The plot of the film is centered on a Filipina girl wandering in the country’s reserve forest. She kills the endangered species, Philippine Eagle, by mistake. This leads to a big issue, and an investigation is set up to catch the offender. But instead, many secrets come out.
    • Since this movie won the Asian Future Best Film award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2016.
    • This film has a special recognition on Netflix since it was the first Filipino movie to stream on this streaming giant.
    • This shocking mystery thriller keeps the viewers engaged. You might surely want to experience this thrill in your body, and it is possible if you have Netflix.
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Filipino Movies on Netflix: The ending note

Filipino filmmakers have come up with amazing concepts and stories. The mind-blowing films that the local audience appreciated are now available on Netflix.

Well, it is 2020. But it’s never late to watch a movie or series on Netflix. The above recommendations are some of the best Filipino movies with a wide diversity of genres. This diversity and authenticity in movies had made the Philippines a country of talented individuals.

You can discover much more of Filipino entertainment and culture by watching these movies now!


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